dolano with peacock "Tony"
  Intensive Satsang (every year the same dates!)  
  January 22 - 17. Feb. (Information meeting --> 21. Jan.)
  August 1 - 27. August (Information meeting --> 31. July)
  October 2 - 28. Oct. (Information meeting --> 1. Oct.)
  December 18 - 13. Jan. next year (Information meeting --> 17. Dec.)

  Note :

If you are interested to participate in "Intensive Satsang", then contact:

Please contact to my new E-mail:

Please, if it happens that you did not receive any responds or your letter does come back, please try to send your email again after one or two days or try as well

My web site is : still in progress.

*This schedule can be changed any time.


Dolano has changed her location and her Satsangs are taking place, still in Liberty Society, only 2-minutes away from her old location. 

Address: Pune, Liberty Society, Flat C 38, North Main Road, Koregaon Park.

Direction: Coming from the German Bakery, take a left into Liberty Society gate at Baskin Robbins across from Pizza Hut, Get straight down until to the first road cross-corner towards your left.

It is that building just by that corner onto your left.

Enter the very, very first entry, left from that building and come up to the very top floor. Flat C 38

Ring the bell! If the door is not open.
Or if you are too early, then please wait, until somebody opens the door.

Parking place!
Please look for the sign ‘Satsang parking’.

There you will also find a sign pointing to ‘Satsang Entry’


  Open satsang schedule  
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