invitation to intensive satsang
  • In this Intensive Satsang, it is not only to know "who am I", but is basically to free and liberate the mind

This bodymind organism has been brought as a vehicle into this play of leela of boundaries. Through this bodymind organism, source is able to experience itself in that play. This bodymind organism belongs to nature; it is an appearing just like the trees, the mountains, rivers etc.

Body is mind and mind is body. It is all so together, like the tree has its leaves.

Mind is a beautiful biocomputer from source, born empty and it is meant to have thoughts soon or later, to function in the play of leela.

Its nature is empty, but as well its nature is to have thoughts.

Mind is not your enemy, but only in a misunderstanding and confusion.

Mind is your beloved servant and is meant to help you in many ways, to survive and to be creative.

Because you do not know who you are, mind starts to think he has to help you to do, or to become enlightened.

Mind is innocent and wants to be a good servant. So for that reason it tries to help you everywhere, even where it is no more natural, but impossible for the mind to help.

Out of this misunderstanding mind tries to do what is in the first place, not possible to do or to become.
That's why "mind" is suffering in a struggle with itself and appears to you like an enemy.

I say: poor mind. You have mistreated your beloved servant mind long enough, by not knowing "who you are".

You can't do or become enlightened, because you are already all this, that what you try to become.

The idea of becoming, growing and flowering makes you continue overlooking, who you already are.

Mind, your beloved servant, is innocent, but in a great misunderstanding. Therefore, mind needs to be put right and made aware where its limitation is.

So long you believe and treat your beloved servant mind like your enemy, mind will never have a chance to be liberated.


Mind in its nature is not at all against truth. In fact mind is very much in love with truth, because truth will set your beloved servant mind finally free.

We have heard, that mind can't know.

But I say mind can know and must come to know who is the beloved Master.
It is true that mind, in its thinking-process,

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what I call the bookstore, can't know the ultimate truth. The creative bookstore of the mind is very, very limited and absolutely useless to know source.


But the nature of mind is as well quiet and empty. It has been born empty.

Mind quiet, in its emptiness, can know.
The empty mind is open mind and is no more separate from source,
from true knowing.

Out of not knowing, you know.
This is how mind can know Truth and is liberated by it.

Mind needs to be unburdened and set absolutely free of its struggle and confusion which is suffering; to be freed from its impossible task of becoming.

In Intensive Satsang we will include the empty mind.
And go through investigations which will remove the roots of all confusion, misunderstandings and lies. And whatever is attached to these roots will naturally disappear.

I say, just knowing who am I is not enlightenment. I call this awakening, but only when deeply recognized the value of who am I.

Enlightenment I call when the drop has fallen into the ocean.
The drop falls into the ocean, when the recognition is so complete that the mind is liberated.

Then everything falls into its place.

Mind drops into the ocean, no more separate from source, from truth itself, from pure intelligence, and is liberated with no way of return.

Then the beloved servant mind is used by source; is no more used by the bookstore, but only uses the bookstore.

The liberation of the mind is enlightenment.




This Intensive Satsang is private, with only a small group of people. To be accepted to participate in Intensive Satsang and for more information, you need to contact or

See, the schedule for which month you would like to join.

If you are interested in participating, then contact as soon as possible, because the amount of people is limited. If already filled, then I will put you into the waiting list for the next Satsang.

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