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Dolano was born in 1952, in Lindau, Bodensee Germany and grew up in institutions. From childhood on throughout her life she was in search for truth. After a long wandering and getting lost in so-called wrong directions, dolano finally found Osho, her beloved Master in1979. Osho saved her from drowning and introduced her to meditation.

She immediately fell in love with meditation and gave her whole life to this and practiced all these years Zazen meditation (non technical). Since then she lives in India and for 10 years she took care of the swans in the Ashram Poona.

In 1992 Dolano met Poonjaji, then Gangaji. At the end of 1992 it was through the grace of Gangaji, that the drop fell into the ocean, with no way of return.

dolano with swan
** dolano with swan **

Excerpts from Satsang:

In that time, I did not know if Gangaji is awake.
I did not know if she is enlightened.
And I tell you it was the first time in my life that I did not care..

It was a relaxation beyond anything, and I could recognize that this will never, never go.
It was simply in that moment everything was over, about spiritual, about search, about needing to know - absolutely fulfilled, absolutely ended - like a drop fall into the ocean, like this.
There was no way to move out.
I could not even understand how I could imagine I'd ever been out.
** Gangaji **

Dolano, a modern day twenty first century Zen Master and friend who transmits the liberation of the mind like no one else.
She follows the Advaita-lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Poonjaji and Gangaji. Advaita is the teaching of non-duality and non-teaching.

Dolano lives in Koregaon Park, Poona India, just beyond ABC-Farms, where she regularly gives both Open and Intensive Satsangs.

She can be reached through her e-mail address: satsang@dolano.com or dolano@dolano.com

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